With over 60 years of experience, our firm had started as a family business and construction company, “Forest Products Manufacturing and Sales”. In 2000, we begun operating as a Limited Company. Dulger Wood Industry Inc. is proceeding as planned with its mission and organizational structure. At Dulger Wood Industry Inc, we exceeded the customer needs in plywood production.
In 2013, our production plant located in Çankırı, Turkey messures 33.000 m2. This facility size has allowed us to efficiently produce Woodex plywood. As we continue growing, we make equipment and facility upgrades in our mills anticipating customer growth.
Our company prides its success by producing reliable products which overall contribute to the Turkish economy.
Since 2016, our plywood production capacity has increased from 8.188 m3 to 16.000 m3. At this time, we have been able to satisfy the large quantity of veneers with production to 26.400 m3 annually.


Our Mission

Exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers
Maintaining safety standards in compliance with laws
Providing excellent products that are environmently friendly and are aesthetic
Our highly skilled, educated and experienced employees work in harmony remaing dilligant by following our strict company standards


Our Vision

We are focused on remaining the leading plywood manufacturer in Turkey. Additionally, we continue exploring a greater reach in the international markets. By doing this, it allows us to maintain a cutting edge within the plywood industry. Our priority is to continue being one of the most preferable plywood brands within the global market.